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Don't worry we know, we are new, however even though at a fledgling state, we have amassed a massive experience by helping some of our clients in creating some of the best blog sites, regardless of the niche and the style of writing required



UnlimitedOver a long period of time while working with the internet lovers we have developed a solid framework for research, writing, proofreading and editing. For our writers and researchers, their avocation is their profession and thus they enjoy every minute of the creation process all the while guaranteeing the best possible quality of work for our clientele




Our goal is to earn money but only to the point where it satisfies our needs and fulfills some of our cravings of doing drunken shopping. However, what mostly drives us is the job of spending hours on the internet, researching and writing about myriads of stuff. Believe it or not, the thought of doing this does put a smile on our faces every time we get up in the morning.

White Room is a Content Writing Company or in lay terms a writing website wherein you can get a content writer dedicated towards your project. We believe in being honest towards your work and thus have immense faith in the power of content writing. Based on the several announcements by some of the biggest search engines, it has been proved that quality content writing alone has the potential to get traffic to your website and to increase the website ranking. Yo need not learn how to use content writing for SEO as we will do it for you and the rest of the good things like social media recognition, link building will follow on its own as it is repeatedly said by Google and Bing. From our free keyword research service to new and unique content development, we do it all and the results shall be in front of you in no time in the form of traffic, leads, and hell (pardon the pun)

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Relax, we'll highlight the true value of your business

Whoaa...that's some pretty heavy stuff....

Hey, don't you worry because even though we are highly professional about our work we don't take ourselves too seriously and despite the tough competition and associated pressures in the SEO writing and content development business, we have managed to retain our sense of humor.

So feel free to get in touch with us and we will explain to you, in clear and simple words and spiced with some sarcasm (about us, of course), about what we do and how we can help you as the writing desk for anybody and everybody wishing to get some content written.


Our Pricing Perspective

Now before you waste another moment with us..let us tell you that these minutes are not wasted but in fact well spent.... because the amount Team communication is at the heart of every business. It's the thing that connects your entire organization and has the biggest impact on your culture and productivity.

Unlike other website copywriting companies, our pricing is not shrouded and convoluted under the clouds of mystery...we like to be open with our clients. Hence, for each of the services, you will be told beforehand how much you will be charged.  because the amount Team communication is at the heart of every business. It's the thing that connects your entire organization and has the biggest impact on your culture and productivity.

We have seen many cases wherein the content development companies keep the rates for their writing services hidden so that they may quote different rates to different clients and this difference is basically governed by the amount of money they wish to earn and not by the genuine amount of effort. 

So, for example, a person 'Beta' needs the help of a blog writing company and they need 50 blog posts urgently and if another person 'Gamma' needs 2 blogs written and there is no urgency, the writing company realises they do not have the leverage, thereby charge less in this case, or it may be vice-versa, hence you never know. So clearly using the leverage of their SEO writing services the company charges as per their whim to cash in on this opportunity. Therefore it is always advisable to hire a copywriter services company, that is honest and open about its pricing

In order to do away with this issue, we have made a system of charging, for our services, that is transparent, uniform for all kinds of projects and quite frankly optimum. For each of the writing services we charge on a per word basis. So suppose you wanna know the pricing for resume writing services, just go to resume writing services page and get to know about the rates (displayed publicly)

The funny thing is, the silly efforts of our writers actually helps our clients....

Article, blog, press release, good copywriter, article submission, hire a writer….how do I do it all by myself?

Well before you get yourself in the state of frenzy and agitation only to be disappointed with the results, please relax, as we will do it all for you. We are very much aware of the fact that SEO writing, copy writing, article writing, blog writing, article submission, can be a bit difficult for you and if not difficult it will definitely be hectic and may also be disappointing if you do not get the proper results…and this happens more often than not. This is because most people think, sure what’s in a content we can do it ..just write three lines and copy paste and stuff popular keywords. Well, if only the world was such a simple place.


So however we do applause your optimism the fact of the matter is that there are several problems that one might face while, for example creating a website content, like with the huge internet population the chances are more often than not that the content that you are thinking has already been used. So we help you create the content differently and saying the same thing but uniquely and with more force.


The second problem you might face is with keyword research. Now SEO writing, copywriting and writing content for websites doesn’t remain as simple when you add keyword research to the equation. As not only do you need to be on your toes to catch the latest and most popular keywords, but you also need to use the all-time popular keywords in your niche to your advantage, despite it having a high competition. Sounds tough, but we will show that the anarchy of competition can actually be used to your advantage.


Good quality content is also immensely helpful to increase your social media following because let's face nobody gives a crap about crap on social media (sorry about that…see we do enjoy our work). So if you want to increase your social media following and save yourself some cash which you would have otherwise spent on learning how to buy twitter followers or creating facebook ads, then let us help you as using our service you get the content and also social media following, hitting two birds with one stone, had never been true (just making a point we love birds).


The final thing that you might resort to and is by far the most dangerous is copy-pasting other people’s content. Well face it at some point we all have cheated and copied a para or two from our high school buddy. However here it is a lot more serious and the plagiarism penalties are very high and might even lead you to be sued for copyright infringement and your site and IP address permanently getting banned.  So while it does save you from the pain of proofreading and editing, it almost surely guarantees the elimination of existence of your website.


In addition to this after creating a content proofreading and editing can be a real pain in the(well you catch the drift). So, allow us to create the best possible content for you while you handle the incoming money and work on the plans to grow your business.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out what we can do for you so you can start on the right foot

So what are you waiting for?

Check out what we can do for you so you can start on the right foot